OT Arts Serves Professionals and Private Schools

We Serve Professionals and Private Schools


  • Psychologists
  • Educational Therapists
  • Speech Therapists
  • Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Pediatricians
  • Neurologists

Improve optimal performance to enhance your services: Our techniques improve children’s fine motor, self-help, motor planning, self-regulation and attention skills which increases their capacity to benefit from your treatment.

Make a trusted referral: Family members want to work with local trusted allies.

Provide greater depth and breadth to address your client’s needs: We use complementary strategies to enhance your treatment plan and approach to provide a higher level of service to your clients.

Innovative solutions not previously available in the Santa Barbara area: We combine traditional occupational therapy techniques and sensory integration with novel approaches such as creative self-expression through art.

Private Schools

Quality professional for your referral list: Ease of referral for families to someone you know and trust and that provides consistent and effective treatment.

Help your students become better focused: We come to your school for consultations and see students in their classroom and natural settings.

Empower your teachers: We teach techniques to improve attention and the underlying functional skills needed to learn.

Create an optimal learning environment: We use proven techniques and tools to support students and teachers.


Lisa Serby was highly recommended to me by a child psychologist that was assessing my daughter for anxiety and motor delays. My daughter has been receiving OT services with Lisa for 8 months, and we have seen immense progress with her motor planning/coordination issues, as well as her pencil grasp and toe walking. My daughter had an immediate connection with Lisa, due to her calm, approachable demeanor, and she truly looks forward to going to her weekly sessions. We are so grateful for Lisa and this early intervention option which will give my daughter increased ability and confidence for kindergarten this Fall.

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