OT Arts Occupational Therapy Services for Santa Barbara

Our Services

Initial Contact

We seek input from parent(s):

  1. What are your concerns?
  2. Why are you seeking occupational therapy services for your child?


For families that want our input without a full assessment, we observe your child during an occupational therapy session and make recommendations.


A full in-depth occupational therapy assessment consists of multiple elements.

Direct Treatment

We provide customized intervention to help your child meet the goals that are most critical to you and your family.


We observe your child at your home or at your child’s school and make recommendations.


We offer inservices and other training to schools and families based on your unique needs.

OT Arts Occupational Therapy Packages

Package #1:

Screening and Initial Support $295

  • One 50-minute occupational therapy session
  • Screening and clinical observations
  • Written home program recommendations

Package #2:

Assessment (1 area) $1050

  • One 50-minute occupational therapy sessions with standardized testing and clinical observations (1 functional area)
  • Score protocol
  • One 30-minute parent consultation meeting (verbal)
  • One goal and 6 month treatment plan (written)
  • Written report

Package #3:

Assessment (2 areas) $1595

  • Two 50-minute occupational therapy sessions with standardized testing and clinical observations (2 functional areas)
  • Score protocols
  • One 50-minute parent consultation meeting (verbal) 
  • Two goals and 6 month treatment plan (written)
  • Written report

Add-on options:

  • Goals and 6 month treatment plan: $145
  • Standardized testing in 1 additional functional area: $185
  • Standardized testing in 2 additional functional areas: $275
  • Written report: Base starts at $525 for for 1 functional area.  Add $165 for each additional area.

Please contact OT Arts to find out more about our services and therapy packages!


Lisa Serby was highly recommended to me by a child psychologist that was assessing my daughter for anxiety and motor delays. My daughter has been receiving OT services with Lisa for 8 months, and we have seen immense progress with her motor planning/coordination issues, as well as her pencil grasp and toe walking. My daughter had an immediate connection with Lisa, due to her calm, approachable demeanor, and she truly looks forward to going to her weekly sessions. We are so grateful for Lisa and this early intervention option which will give my daughter increased ability and confidence for kindergarten this Fall.