Direct OT Treatment Options for Santa Barbara

Direct Treatment Santa Barbara Occupational Therapy

Direct Treatment Santa Barbara Occupational Therapy

Fine Motor Skills

We help children learn to cut, write, hold a pencil correctly and improve the coordination of their hand movements.

Self Help Skills

We teach children to dress and feed themselves, including buttoning, snapping and zipping clothing, tying shoes and scooping, piercing and cutting food.

Self Regulation

We help children sit and pay attention, tolerate different food and clothing textures and feel more comfortable at home, school and in the community.

Motor Planning

We help children become more coordinated and more easily do the things that they see other children doing.


Lisa Serby previously worked with students at our school when we contracted with SBCEO for occupational therapy. We were eager to contract with her when she went into private practice. Lisa is extremely reliable, cares about our students and consistently helps them achieve their goals. We are thrilled with her services and are contracting with her again next year!
Linda Cowen, Special Education Director
Santa Barbara Charter School