OT Arts Serves Santa Barbara Parents and Grandparents

Santa Barbara Occupational Therapy for Children

We Serve Parents and Grandparents of Children ages 2-13

  • Does your child have have trouble cutting, writing or holding a pencil correctly? We develop fine motor skills in your children to help them achieve their goals.
  • Does your child have difficulty buttoning, zipping and snapping clothes, tying shoes or self-feeding? We help children learn self-help skills so that they are more independent.
  • Is your child often clumsy or uncoordinated? We help your child with motor planning to organize his/her body to improve coordination
  • Does your child have difficulty sitting and paying attention? We help your child maintain his/her body and brain at an optimal level of alertness and focus by developing self-regulation.
  • Do you worry, have difficulty or avoid taking your child to public places? We work with children and their parents to implement self-regulation strategies and other sensory integration techniques to reinforce positive social habits and successful outings.
  • Do you find yourself worrying about your child’s development and wish you had greater peace of mind? Through individual goal-setting, we can track your child’s progress and success.
  • Are you concerned about whether your child has all of the tools necessary to be successful? Our treatment programs have measurable results.


Highest recommendations! I have to admit, my husband and I were skeptical with the notion of occupational therapy. However, our son's school has been recommending OT for some time, so we finally decided to give it a try. We are glad we did. Lisa at OT Arts is wonderful! She has made various suggestions for our highly energetic 6 year old who would also experience outbursts of anxiety and anger. We have implemented Lisa's suggestions at school and at home, and happy to say it has been a great success. We have learned skills to keep and maintain our son's energy at an acceptable level. Sure, he still gets anxious and angry (but not as often....), however, we now feel better prepared to help him with it all. The knowledge we have obtained from our sessions at OT Arts has made such a difference in our household. Additionally, we recently met with our son's teachers, and they too noticed a change for the better. We are very grateful.
Mirjana H.

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