Lee Pennington Neill, Ph.D.

Lee Pennington Neill, Ph.D.


Lee Pennington Neill, Ph.D. has been an educator for nearly 40 years. She has worked as a classroom teacher, elementary school counselor, and reading specialist in the pujblic school system.

In the 70’s Dr. Neill was fortunate to meet and work with Dr. A. Jean Ayres, the Occupational Therapist who developed Sensory Integrative Theory and Therapy, that reminds us that while children learn how to use their bodies efficiently, they are training their brains to communicate efficiently. Their physical activity helps them become safe and comfortable in their basic “tool,” their body. She also worked with Patricia and Charles Lindamood and Nanci Bell when they were first trying out their Auditory Discrimination in Depth program, which evolved into the current LiPS program taught at Lindamood-Bell Centers throughout the U.S.

While not an Occupational Therapist, Dr. Neill has spent her teaching life working to integrate information about sensorimotor development into classroom practice. Research into brain function has given us so much information that is important to education, but too little has made its way into our curriculum and playgrounds.

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